Landscaping Supplies

At Albert Sand & Metal we stock Jeffries range of mulches and our homemade composts. If you have a special requirement with a soil or want a special mix made up just ask we are more than happy to help!

We also stock tools to suit the home gardener to professional landscaper.

forever rangeJeffries Forever Mulch comes in three colours, black, brown and red — giving gardens a contemporary landscaped appeal.

Why choose Forever Mulch?

Choose Forever Mulch for dynamic contrast with your plants or if you want to give your garden an instant makeover.


Long lasting colour — safe for kids, pets and plants Very slow break down Longer lasting colour than bark mulches Easy to spread Suppresses weed growth Improves water retention Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations.

Top up time

2-3 years

jeffries recoverJeffries Recover Mulch will give an attractive dark finish to your garden with the added benefit of Blood N Bone for your plants to flourish.

Why choose Recover Mulch?

Choose Recover Mulch when you have an established garden where digging in compost to the soil may be difficult, you need extra nutrients and you are looking for a dark finish to your garden.


Soil conditioning mulch Suppresses weed growth Improves water retention Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations Includes key nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Calcium. Top up time

12-18 months


Certified to Australian Standard 4454 LIC 2017

jeffries duramulchJeffries Dura Mulch is designed as a broadacre product, perfect for horticulture. However home gardens can benefit from this much, protecting your plants against the elements and improving your soil.

Why choose Dura Mulch?

Choose Dura Mulch for broadacre coverage, large gardens and reserves.


  • Long lasting
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Improves water retention
  • Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Slow release of organic nutrients into soil for sustained plant growth
  • Superior matting property making it ideal for slopes and windy conditions.
  • Top up time

18-24 months


Certified organic to NASAA standards 5125m.

Organic CompostQuikgro Organic Compost

Our Quikgro Organic Compost is the perfect natural soil conditioner, creating healthy soil, stronger plants and root growth.

Quikgro will improve the condition your soil.

Made from 100% greenwaste, our additive-free compost improves the texture, integrity and fertility of your soil, resulting in improved nutrient and moisture retention.

We recommended topping it up in 12 months.

Quikgro Vegetable and Garden Soil

Our soil is organic and retains moisture where it is needed most.

Why choose Quikgro Vegetable & Garden Soil?

Choose our soil when you are planning a raised garden, need a soil with an open structure or a soil that will resist compaction with the growth boost of added organic fertiliser.


Highest level of organic matter, retaining moisture where it is needed most. Open structure, meaning it is a free draining mix and resists compaction (often a problem in raised gardens). Provides plants with vital organic nutrients

Just add water and watch your plants grow!

Quickgro Lawn Mix

Our Lawn Mix is organic and is a 60/40 blend of washed sand and Quikgro.

The Quickgro Lawn Mix is a very popular mix, and is ideal as a base for new lawns, under ready lawn, for planting or to replenish existing garden beds.




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